Starting the Journey

A month ago I changed a lot about my working life so that I could begin focusing on growing my coffee roasting company. I quit my job as a barista, my husband and I moved to Durham, North Carolina and now we have a completely new space dedicated to roasting. This season of transition is far different than how I would have imaged it. I thought that upon having the new space we would immediately amass a huge new client base, but it has been a slower than anticipated. This week people have finally started picking up again, and for this I am incredibly grateful. We have the roaster installed and we now have 3 roasting days under our belts. 

During this transition period I felt lonely pursuing my dream and often wondered if it was worth it. Thank God that I have people in my life who kept reminding me that immediate success is not my end goal. This morning my husband and I were talking about how easy it is to think that we are doing our jobs to please other people, but that isn't where we should find our hope. If you know anything about myers briggs you'll know that my ENFJ personality thrives on wanting people to feel comfortable and encouraged around me, but I am realizing that even in pursuing my business and coffee dreams I cannot wait for the approval of others before I take steps of faith. I am thankful for the faithful customers and new clients coming our way, but I am starting to see that the only way to really love this job in the good and tough times is to have a higher purpose in roasting coffee. I am roasting coffee and growing this company to bring glory to Jesus Christ and this is my ultimate goal.