NEW: Inga Aponte Washed

Origin: Narino, Colombia

Flavor Notes: Lemon, Floral, Peach

Brewing Method: Great for filtered coffee methods: This is our brightest coffee with natural fruit notes that stand out.

We love partnering with farms that have a rich story of redemption. This coffee comes from a farm of Ingas, descendants of the Incas in Colombia. Until recently the contact that this people group had with the rest of Colombia was exploitative and involved the farming of illegal crops. Recently the Ingas have had the opportunity to change their farms into coffee producing areas. This coffee is grown at 2150 meters above sea level and is a washed process. This coffee is of the Yellow Caturra variety. It was cultivated between the months of April and June. 


NEW: Ezperanza

Origin:  Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Flavor Notes:  Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Brewing Method: Great for espresso or filtered coffee: This roast holds up in milk based drinks and is great for those who are used to a darker roast.



Los Hermanos

Origin: San Marcos, Guatemala

Flavor Notes: Blueberry, Milk Chocolate, Citrus

Brewing Methods: Great for filtered coffee methods: This is a brightest coffee with natural fruit notes that stand out.



Origin: Colombia

Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Blueberry, Citrus

Brewing Methods: Great for filtered coffee and espresso: Most coffee enthusiasts shy away from decafs because they are boring, but this decaf is a great surprise and has exciting flavors.

La Serranía is a Colombian coffee grown in the Municipality of Pitalito, Department of Huila at an altitude of 1500-1750 meters above sea level. It is shade grown and processed with the wash method. The decaffeination process of this coffee is quite unique and is called the Ethyl Acetate process, one of the most natural and sustainable ways to decaffeinate coffee.