Caballo Rojo Coffee Provides specialty roasted coffee to enrich the international and local community grounding ourselves in the belief that every life has infinite value.


Gabriela Kavanaugh is the owner and roaster of Caballo Rojo Coffee. Blazing her own trail as a new coffee roaster, Gabi is excited about all this coffee adventure will teach her. Throughout this process thus far there have been new relationships made with farmers, importers, and customers growing Gabi's definition of community. Her biggest supporter and the one encouraging to dream big is her loving and fun husband Dustin. 

Our History

Gabi's Abuelo Luis who started Caballo Rojo in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela.

Gabi's Abuelo Luis who started Caballo Rojo in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela.

Caballo Rojo is deeply rooted in Gabi's Latin American heritage. In Venezuela in the late 60's Gabi's grandfather started his own roasting company which grew into a coffee empire. The name of his roastery was Caballo Rojo and he used this company to provide for his six children while investing in his community. He created jobs, connected with farmers and implemented the values of giving back and working with excellence. However with his unexpected death at a young age the coffee company was soon taken over by investors and things changed for the family. The effects of his of company didn't stop there, but lead to a passion that would continue for generations.

The personal connection to coffee has always been a part of Gabi's life via her mother's influence. One of her fondest memories from childhood was getting "café con leche" in a small espresso cup on Saturday mornings. Gabi's love for coffee grew when she learned about the people behind the process of farm to cup. Her mother took her on service trips to various Latin American countries where she met coffee farmers. When she was about thirteen years old she visited her first coffee farm in Costa Rica and that same year she visited a huge roasting facility in San Juan. 

Going into college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Gabi knew she wanted to pursue entrepreneurship so she took several business school prerequisite. However, the classes that really hit home were her global studies classes where she was exposed to concepts of direct trade. Her concentration in Latin American studies gave her exposure to ideas of development and growth in rural communities. Her passion for business was coupled with her studies of Latin American culture and coffee and coffee became Gabi's passion in a new and exciting way. Gabi beleives that coffee roasting is the biggest part of the industry where change can occur. Direct trade with farmers and consumer education on best practice for coffee production is what Gabi hopes to incorporate. In college she started Caballo Rojo Coffee as a means of telling the story of individual farmers who are part of coffee production and now this company is growing and we are pumped.


Giving Back

Caballo Rojo Coffee is dedicated to making a difference in this world. Our plan is to continue to build direct trade relationships, become an integral part of our community and give an ever increasing percentage of our income to the International Justice Mission. 

Currently we are giving to the International Justice Mission because of their legal involvement in upholding human rights around the world. They target the pressing problem of slavery in countries that we get our coffee from and this makes their mission even more important to us. To get more information about how they are battling human rights issues visit 

Every month Gabi gives free coffee to her local church for their volunteers. Her church is an integral part in the Durham Community and many of it’s members are involved in foster care, homeless ministry and prison ministry, thus a portion of our proceeds is given monthly to support the continued service of our Durham Family.